How Collagen Can Be Beneficial In Helping Manage Your Chronic Pain

Could collagen benefit Me?

Do You Wake Up In Pain Some Mornings And Feel Much Older Than You Did The Night Before?

There’s a reason for that .

In fact, your age may be to blame for your chronic pain. 

As you age, your body slowly deteriorates. Your joints become stiffer, your bones decrease in density, and your muscles become less flexible.

You lose tone, muscle mass, and sometimes you do not even feel like the same person. But, even though no one likes to admit it aging happens to everyone. However, that does not mean there is not something you can do about it

Studies show that as you get older, the amount of collagen in your body decreases. This is significant because collagen helps support your bones and joints.

A healthy amount of collagen in your body also helps your body absorb shocks that can be painful to those who have constant pain. Therefore think of collagen as your body’s natural cushion system. 

What is Collagen?

But wait a minute, what is collagen anyways, and what does it have to do with getting older?

Collagen is the protein that is one of the building blocks of all cells and tissues within your body. 

All collagen is made from amino acids. These amino acids then in turn from proteins, and those proteins create structures within your body.

Taking collagen supplements can benefit you by making it easier for your body to build up different proteins. Ensuring that your body has enough of the things that it needs to turn those building blocks into something important.

Your body uses collagen to create structure for your joints and tendons and to further skin elasticity. In addition, collagen also holds your bones and muscles together, and keeps your organs safe from harm. Most cartilage is made of collagen, and cartilage is what forms your nose and ears.

As you age, your collagen levels decrease, which in turn leaves you with sagging skin, achy joints and muscles, and most importantly it leaves you more susceptible to feeling pain.

How Collagen Affects Pain

There are dozens of studies that show how collagen has reduced chronic pain, especially for those suffering from arthritis. In some cases, taking a collagen supplement on a regular basis has even made arthritis go into complete remission. Talk about that for a collagen benefit! 

Adding more collagen to your diet can reduce your pain in several ways. 

How Collagen Can Benefit You:

Reduces Inflammation

Collagen is a great way to deal with inflammation, which is a big part of what makes arthritis painful. While inflammation is a vital part of healing, chronic inflammation is often a factor in autoimmune diseases, which can also cause a lot of pain.

Chronic inflammation almost feels like the body is attacking itself, breaking down those necessary structures when it really does not need to. Collagen can help by reducing inflammation and stopping the body’s attack.

One study found that it provides an improvement over previous levels of pain and functionality for arthritis patients. Mobility increases as collagen levels in your body increase, as your joints have more support and ability to absorb shock levels.

Builds Bone Support 

Brittle bones can’t support your body very well, and leave you open to injuries and a significant risk of pain. Similarly brittle bones are susceptible to compression fractures, and don’t have the proteins necessary to become stronger.  This is where collagen can come in as a benefit for you.

When your bones are weak, your muscles work harder to make up for the lack of support that would normally come from your bones. Overworked muscles are more likely to ache or spasm, resulting in chronic pain, inflammation and discomfort.  Collagen supports both your bones and your muscles and having the right amount present in your body can greatly decrease discomfort.

Bones are made of collagen. When you increase your collagen intake, you are also increasing the proteins your body needs to rebuild your bones and create a more solid structure for your body to utilize.

Increases Cartilage

As you age, your cartilage gets weaker and even starts deteriorating. Cartilage helps provide a cushion to your joints, decreasing the impacts that come from everyday wear and tear. As your cartilage gets weaker, surrounding bones don’t have the cushioning necessary to prevent them from touching.

When bones collide, your body becomes filled with pain and inflammation. Think of it like riding in a car that doesn’t have working shock absorbers. You’re in for a bumpy ride filled with jolts and collisions. These collisions can hurt even when doing simple activities such a walking, picking things up, and reading. Greater collagen levels in your body will help build up the cartilage between your joints and prevent your bones from grinding together. Collagen can also benefit you by improving the way your joints work allowing you to become more mobile and keep up with the activities of daily life.

Adding more collagen to your diet is easy. You don’t have to make big, sweeping changes. You can simply purchase hydrolyzed, unflavored collagen and add it to your diet.

You can also increase your overall collagen level by drinking and cooking with bone broth.

Don’t let your pain control you any longer. Start adding collagen to your diet today.

Help your body help you. Remember that even if sometimes you do not feel in control of your body you do have the power to change your life for the better!

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